Washing your Hair Extensions:

Wash your extensions from top to bottom. Do not wash your extensions upside down/to scrunch your hair on the top of your head When washing take care to wash underneath every tape.  Do not use products containing keratin/proteins & make sure it is sulphate free (Protein will make the extensions feel hard and dry and can cause your hair to break/damage). 

If you feel that your extensions are becoming dry/hard contact your stylist or change your care products that you are using. It’s important to remember that Hair Extensions need more care and attention than your own hair, as the extensions do not receive proteins from your scalp. Use hair oil, this is the perfect way to protect the extensions and keep them hydrated.

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How to dry your hair extensions

As you know our hair extensions can handle the heat, it can be blown waved, curled & straightened – However when using heat please take care not to use a high heat on the extensions. If you use high heat on your extension it can cause your ends to burn (it will feel hard). 

Use a heat protection product before you use heat on any of your hair (recommended to use oily products).

Do not use heat the extensions if they are wet (straighten or curling). Do not leave your extensions to dry by itself, especially when you want to sleep, this will cause the hair to tangle. Do not use heat higher than 180°C

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How to brush hair extensions?

Brush your hair root to tip twice daily. Brush carefully close to your root’s where your own hair and hair extensions are attached, this is the area where knots can form easily if not properly taken care of.

Brush your hair gently and do not pull on it, use a hair extension or boar bristle brush when brushing your extensions.

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What to do when you want to go to sleep?

Make sure your hair, especially against the scarp, is 100% dry. If you sleep with wet hair it can cause all your tapes to come loose or to knot. Make sure your hair is brushed from root to tip and tied up in a loose bun or you ca plate your hair.

Take care not to sleep with loose extensions (if you do the ends of the hair will break). It can also cause your hair to knot in-between the tapes. Silk pillowcases are the best for your hair extensions Never make a tight ponytail with your extensions when sleeping or when you are awake, as this can cause tension on your roots and cause your hair to pull out or break

What to know when you want to color you hair extensions

The hair can be coloured but is not recommended as the hair has already been processed with colour. If you/your client insist on colouring the extensions, we advise that you first test the colour on a single strand before applying colour to all your extensions.

Just keep in mind the colour to extensions always come out different than on natural hair. Do not try to bleach or lighten the hair extensions, if you do it will damage the hair. Never apply colour on the tape bonds.